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Our patent agent has a wealth of experience in preparation and processing of patent applications. Our services include: Patent drafting, Responses to Examination reports and Opinions.


Patent drafting 

We concentrate on writing patent applications. Together with the inventor we identify important aspects of the business to protect and points of novelty in the invention. We also help the inventor select jurisdictions where protection is needed is. At that point the inventor can decide whether there are sufficient resources to achieve a meaningful degree of protection by patenting the invention.
Our experience with patent examination in different jurisdictions helps us draft a document that can be filed in multiple jurisdictions. We follow legal developments that can impact the examination process and try to adjust our practice to reduce any negative impact on the chance of getting a patent granted.

We endeavor to anticipate future R&D and incorporate it into the application we write for you today. Our goal is to meet with you in a few years about an application on a new invention and show you that it is already described in the first application we filed for you.


Responses to Examination reports  

A lot of examination reports are not legally sound. Examiners are often eager to reach a negative conclusion and do not apply the law correctly. In responding to such examination reports we emphasize the defects in the examination report. Discussion of the invention is minimized. This strategy strengthens your patent in the future.

We can represent you directly in the United States or work through a US associate of your choice. We can prepare a “ready to file” response for the US or EPO (European Patent Office), often for a fraction of what your US or European associate would charge for similar work product.
We help you avoid the pitfalls of “compact prosecution” in the US.

In other jurisdictions we prepare detailed instructions to the local associate using the strategy outline above. Our experience is that this “American” approach is surprisingly effective in other jurisdictions.


We can help you analyze references with respect to how they affect your chances of getting a patent (patentability) and/or with respect to how they restrict your freedom to operate (FTO). Opinions can be delivered informally or formally according to your needs.