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The IP Attitude - Patent Agent Promise

We Offer Great Services to our Clients

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The Pledge

We won’t encourage you to start things you can’t reasonably expect to finish. If we see obstacles to obtaining patent protection we point them out. If we see ways to overcome those obstacles, we point those out too. If it might be difficult to develop your business, even with a patent, we try to explain the difficulties. We deliver high quality service for a reasonable price. We take the long view. Our attitude is that repeat business is the best business.

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The Attitude

IPAttitude takes a different approach to providing service to clients than many other IP firms. At IPAttitude, the number of billable hours is not our main concern. We worry more about the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients. That is why we offer alternative fee arrangements. We understand that clients do not have unlimited resources to devote to building an IP portfolio. We help clients prioritize their IP needs and work towards them economically. ​The green plus in our logo shows that our attitude works to your advantage. We can also get involved in prosecution of applications prepared by others where the applicant feels that there is no progress in the patent examination process. Our attitude can often cure problems and put the case on the path to allowance by the Patent Office.

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Our Services

The main service we provide is understanding. We understand that your financial resources are limited. We understand you are not looking for a representative that is concerned with maximum billings in the short run. We understand that you want personalized service. We know that personalized service develops a business relationship based upon customer-perceived value that leads to repeat business.   In order to personalize our services, we listen to where you are now and where you want to go and help you plan a reasonable strategy to reach your goal. The strategy includes scheduling expenditures based upon your budget. In the world of patents, an early filing date often turns out to be your most valuable asset. You may be surprised to learn how inexpensive it can be to secure a filing date for your application. We help you save money by encouraging you to search for relevant publications online. We believe you can bring us the most relevant documents for analysis, instead of paying us to find and analyze a large volume of material. We also encourage you to get more out of your search budget by spending a significant portion of the search budget later, instead of immediately. Much of the most relevant material you are searching for is not yet published. That is true regardless of your technology area. Waiting en to eleven months and searching again can reveal the majority of that unpublished material. If you have already secured a filing date, you can afford to search later. If you understand that quality is not necessarily a function of size, contact us for an initial consultation with no obligation. It will be a pleasure to discuss implementation of our strategy in the specific context of your invention.